Abhijith Krissh
Yo amigo’s, Am abhijith, wish me @ 27/5, Well recognised by the name Krissh and DK (dark knight) Born and bought up and also live in one of the greatest and famous city in India bengaluru. Am a dancer, choreographer, Actor, entertainer, well socialising person. One of my made up quotes is “I see a million faces, most of them don’t smile, when million faces see me, they all smile till a mile” -abhijith krissh. You can approach me, contact me through the links and social media’s above. Just tap on them and you will get my details. share your pains, i maybe not the best person to give a solution but I promise that I won’t let you go crying. Am an upcoming artist in the kannada film industry, lot of plans to release albums songs. Keep supporting folks. That’s all for now amigos.
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